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The beginning - 1930


My father built this house in 1929/30, it was opened on the 9th Brachud (June) 1930. On the right you can still see the hen house where the chickens were. The many guests in front of the house is hardly possible. Back then, the best day of the year was less than the worst today! Only on Lord's Day and Blessed Sunday there were people. In between, hardly anyone came for days; at most the hemmer van Blatten. I can still clearly remember that the half liter Fendant cost 70 cents and a deci schnapps cost 20 cents. Imagine how little you earned. And the wine was still transported to Wiler in barrels that held 200 to 230 liters. Benjamin Tannast and Hermann Ritler brought these barrels on sledges.


Walter Bellwald Wiler


ca 1931


at that time the street was quite narrow and not yet paved.




ca 1960


already with terrace and parking for cars. The street was already paved at that time, but the apartment building opposite was not yet built.


2020 - renovation phase


In 2019/20 we switched from oil heating to geothermal energy. The removal of the old oil tank can be seen in the photo.


Thus, the trend towards renewable energies has also arrived in the Lötschental. Since we

quasi "in the midst of nature", we believe that we also have the resources of

Should use nature. That is why we decided to use a geothermal heating system

to install.


Your Hosts


Ambros & Bernarda Henzen

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