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Gourmet Half-Price
2 for 1


With the Gourmet Half-Fare travelcard, two people eat in the listed restaurants for half the price (same menu), excluding drinks.


Here you can order gourmet half-fare vouchers


Restaurant Lonza 


Vegetarian and meat dishes, prepared in our small family restaurant with regional fresh organic products.


3918 Wiler
Tel. +41 27 939 12 31


Yearly operation, Wednesday closed


Restaurant Moosalp


In a fantastic setting at 2048 meters above sea level, on the idyllic Moosalp. The menu is comprehensive, ranging from picturesque salads to homemade pasta and raclette over an open fire. Specialties: veal cutlet, Moosalp cream slices ... än Tröim!


3923 Törbel
Tel. +41 27 952 14 95


Seasonal operation, company holidays:
April - May / Oct. 20 - Dec. 20


Waldhüs Bodmen

Saas Fee

The cozy dining room with home-style and fine meals on the romantic forest path between Saas-Fee and Saas-Almagell. Game and lamb specialties as well as various fondues are very popular with guests



3906 Saas Fee
Tel. +41 27 957 20 75


Restaurant Zur Schäferstube

Saas Fee

Four rooms a kitchen, which is located about 300m above the church with specialties from the lamb and game and fondue Berger.

3906 Saas Fee

Tel. +41 27 957 25 37

Seasonal operations, company holidays: spring and late autumn


Zer Mili 

Ried Brig

In the gastronomic Restaurant in Ried-Brig, named "Zer Mili", an independent and exciting scene is established in a romantic atmosphere, which includes modern enjoyment of the stay and rustic, modern experience value and provides the guest with a pleasant experience.


3911 Ried Brig
Tel. +41 27 923 11 66


Annual operation, company holidays: Spring & late autumn Monday & Tuesday closing day

Julen Restaurant 01.jpg

Hotel Julen


Time for delicacies? Time for tradition Julen. New menus are created daily with love and passion. From the salad buffet to beef fillet and lamb specialties to cheese fondue and the large dessert buffet (every Thursday in the winter season), the a la carte selection offers everything the gourmet desires. Enjoy carefully selected international wines.


3920 Zermatt

Tel. +41 27 966 76 00

Year-round operation

resize_Albrun Binn.jpg

Rest.Pension Albrun


In our kitchen we strive to  perfecting the simple and reducing the effort to the essentials! The results are not stars and points, but dishes with a certain "something" and a special flair.


3996 binn
Tel. +41 27 971 45 82


Annual operation, company holidays: spring & late autumn, closed on Tuesday & Wednesday except in summer


Restaurant Staldbach


At the foot of the highest vineyard in Europe lies the spacious family restaurant "Staldbach". The unique success of the traditional restaurant proves that “families welcome” and the gourmet restaurant do not contradict each other. Specialties: Juicy, tender butter and fried bison and beef fillet.


3930 Visp
Tel. +41 27 948 40 30


Year-round operation, open 7/7 company holidays: First two weeks in January

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